Custom routered signs

Custom orders only.  

You design it and provide us with specifications, and we will give you a price and a timeline for completion. 

All our creations are guaranteed. 

If you are not happy with the finished product, you are not obliged to take it.  

We do not make items on speculation, and therefore have virtually no inventory for sale. 


Larry & JoAnn's B&B home is adorned with his Barnwood creations
built from authentic Saskatchewan barn wood lumber.
This wood is carefully salvaged from abandoned farm buildings.
Most is unpainted, and bears the weathered markings of erosion
from wind driven sand, and the stains of rain and snow.
Other creations include hornets' nests, willow soap stands, routered signs.

Larry uses local Tamarack for toy boxes, step stools, and train tables.

Weathered plywood is also used as laminate finish converting outdated furniture pieces to Barnwood Furniture.


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